Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Recent Purchases: More Vinylmations!

I know I've been posting nonstop about Vinylmations and I'm so sorry! But I just had to post about the amazing deal I got at the Disney Store on Friday. I went there looking to possibly trade and buy cheap $2.99 vinyls. I realized I didn't want any of the vinyls on sale and there was nothing good in the trade box. I went to the clearance section and behind some Spooky 2 Goofy and Pluto vinyls I found a single box with the Brave set for $7.99! I had seen a few weeks ago that these were on sale but I decided to buy something else instead. I immediately purchased it (along with an Animation 3 blox) and the sales lady told me it wasn't $7.99, it was $2.99! What an amazing deal for something that used to be $39.95!

I got an Animation 3 blox hoping to get Stitch, Pascal, or a Card Guard but I got Mowgli :( I'm not too bummed, I do like The Jungle Book! I'll buy a couple more boxes another time.

Edit: I don't usually do this, but I posted this right after another post. I haven't done any "real" posts in a while, so I will be posting some posts after (sometimes before) my drawing challenge of the day.


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  1. That IS such a good deal! Mowgli is cute by I ended up trading mine too.