Tuesday, June 11, 2013

30 Day Drawing Challenge: Day 11

Today's drawing challenge was, well, a challenge. I was to draw a turning point in my life. Um, I don't know! I'm 20 years old! Nothing drastic has changed in my life! I guess, in a not SUPER important sense, I could look back and pick out something in my life that changed my life. Even thinking about that was difficult. I honestly don't know. Choosing a person would be too easy. So, I chose a pretty significant event-

It's pretty funny that I chose my High School graduation as the turning point on Day 11 of this challenge- since I graduated in 2011 (notice the little "11" charm on the tassel). There's nothing else I really want to say on this subject... I loved my High School and that part of my life is over. It was a turning point in a way.


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