Monday, June 3, 2013

30 Day Drawing Challenge: Day 3

Today's challenge is to draw my favorite food. This was pretty difficult. While playing around on my tablet, I was drawing different foods, trying to figure out what my favorite food was. When asked (this is a question one is asked a lot in their lifetime) what my favorite food is, I usually say soup. So I went with that! But what kind of soup?

Tomato Bisque Soup! Now if any of you have eaten tomato soup, you may be grossed out- but tomato BISQUE soup is wonderful! I've tried it from several different restaurants and I've loved each and every one (specifically, my favorite has been a vegan tomato bisque from a restaurant in Chicago!).
I spent a bit more time on this drawing. I even added background color and shading (still no blending, though)! Also, I promise my handwriting isn't that horrible. It's more difficult writing with a tablet.


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