Tuesday, June 11, 2013

My Birthday

So now that my birthday week is over, I can write a post about it! My birthday was Thursday the 6th and it was a pretty average day. My mom gave me a goody bag (she always gives us goody bags) and here is what was in it (not including the candy)-

(clockwise: Beaded headband, pack of colorful headband, Almay lip gloss in Cantaloupe, Baby Lips 2 in 1 pack, Sinful Colors polish, Sally Hansen Salon Effects nail strips, and Couture de Minnie OPI nail pack.

As always, she included candy but I didn't want to photograph chocolate bars haha. I loved all of the goodies! That Almay lip gloss is definitely getting a review! I'll also be reviewing the Baby Lips glosses and those awesome Couture de Minnie OPI polishes.

On Friday I went out to dinner at Giordano's with my sister, mom, two cousins, uncle, and his fiancée. It was a ton of fun and we stuffed ourselves on pizza, salad, bruschetta, cheese sticks, and more! Definitely loved some of the hilarious memories we created that day.

This Sunday, we had my birthday party! I wore a dress from Victoria's Secret and sandals and cardigan from Forever 21. The cardigan had 3/4 sleeves and the dress was above the knee.

Once you get in your teens, people stop giving you actual gifts (like clothes and toys) and just give you money. I'm fine with this! Every family member who gave me money went to me when I was alone and gave me money and talked low and said happy birthday. It's always the same and it cracks me up- every family member except for one did this! I wonder if it's just my family who does this? 

The reason I said every family member except for one is because my aunt gave me an AMC give card when we were in a crowded room. What a great gift, right? Especially in the summer when you go to the movies every other weekend! I'll actually be going this Friday with my cousin to see Man of Steel (SO EXCITED!) so it's the perfect gift!

We had some amazing food! Since I'm a vegetarian, I asked my family members to bring vegetarian-friendly meals (if possible). Boy did they bring some food! In addition to the barbecue chicken and garlic bread my mom brought (you know, since it isn't ALL about me- my family loves barbecue chicken!), there was the following: fruit salad, spicy green pasta, two potato salads, one pasta salad, Mexican rice, enchiladas (my grandma made these especially for me, but I shared), marshmallow graham cupcakes (yum!), and two types of cakes. I know what you're thinking, that's a buttload of food! But including babies and children, there were 32 people who ended up coming. All family. Of course, not everyone was there at a time (2 left early, 2 came later). The party lasted around 4 hours and it was tiresome but so much fun. It was gorgeous out- warm with a very nice breeze (probably the best weather we've had all month!). Everyone had a nice time! I had a wonderful time and I can't wait to hang out with everyone at the next get-together (not going to the father's day party since I'll be at Six Flags).



  1. Oh, those Maybelline Baby Lips are wonderful! I have "Pink Punch" and it's such a gorgeous color! I'm sure you'll like them. I've seen those polishes too, the packaging is so cute! I'm glad you had a great celebration!

  2. opi enamels by Minnie, are beautiful