Tuesday, June 25, 2013

30 Day Drawing Challenge: Day 24 + 25

Day 24-
There was really no excuse why I missed yesterday's drawing challenge... but here it is! "A couple" was the challenge. It didn't specify a couple of what, so I drew...

(click photo to view it larger)

Day 25-
I really enjoyed today's drawing challenge, which was to draw a scenery. I wondered what to draw, then decided on the island I stayed on during part of my trip to Florida- Anna Maria Island! Because it's an island, I decided to base it off a photo and go from there. The beaches there are beautiful, as are the sunsets- so I drew that!

(click photo to view it larger)

I love how it came out. It's not perfect (still using the basic drawing app), but I like it nonetheless.

Little update: Still working on that shopping/clothes post. It's kind of difficult to photograph clothes like jeans, but I'm still working on how to take the nicest photos for the post. Stay tuned!


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