Tuesday, June 4, 2013

30 Day Drawing Challenge: Day 4

Today's drawing challenge is to draw my Favorite Place. I thought for a minute, wondering what it was. I was thinking about places I've traveled (not many places) and realized that I loved the time I was in Florida and I was happiest (seriously) when I was there. I didn't want to draw the state itself, so what was my favorite place there?

click the photo to view it larger!

Walt Disney World! As happy as I was in all locations in Florida, including Universal Studios, I have never been as happy as I was in Walt Disney World (specifically, Magic Kingdom). The whole environment and how happy everyone was and how happy I was made this my favorite place in the world. I've only been once, but still! I want to go again!

As for the drawing, I have found another Bamboo app that has fancy brushes and stuff, but it's very difficult to work! Until I figure it out, basic doodles! Sorry it's so light! I also ran out of room! I'll try to do better next time or find a second replacement sketch thing.


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