Saturday, August 24, 2013

Recent Purchases: Lovely Items

Here are some of the recent purchases I made. These were not all purchased on the same day! These were purchased in the span of 3 days unless otherwise stated!

Click the photos to the view them larger!

Tokidoki phone plugs - Hot Topic

My favorite is the Unicorno one! It's so cute!

POW T-shirt - Forever 21

Basic Grey Pullover Sweatshirt - Forever 21

I was looking for a basic sweatshirt for fall and this one is perfect! Really warm!

Tokidoki Unicorno Figurines - Hot Topic

I actually purchased one on Saturday and received the Cheetah print one then purchased two more on Monday and received these two. So two Cheetah print Unicornos and the Hawaiian one (one of my favorites from the series!).

Tokidoki shirt - Hot Topic

My shirt is currently not clean (oops!) so I couldn't photograph it, so the photo from Hot Topic will have to do! It's a cute shirt! I love Donutella~

Cat HTC One Phone Case - eBay

This was purchased a couple of weeks ago. Since it's shipped from China, it took a while to get here but was worth the wait! So cute! It came with a cute plastic cat bag and a cat phone plug.

Organic 100% Cotton Rounds - The Body Shop

Okay, I got suckered into buying these because I was buying...

Tea Tree Skin Clearing Toner - The Body Shop

This. I really like this product! I'll do a review of all of the Body Shop products I bought in a separate post!

Tea Tree Blotting Tissues - The Body Shop

If you're prone to getting oily skin throughout the day, I suggest buying blotting tissues! They're available at Target and probably your local drugstore, but I bought these at The Body Shop!

Tip: Don't buy these online. They are $10 online for the same amount of sheets! That's crazy! I got them at the store for around $3. They are originally $5, but with every item you add to your cart, you save an extra 10%! It's a good deal and was one of the reasons I bought the cotton rounds. In addition to the 30% off (since I bought 3 items), I was given a membership card for free (since I'm a student) and each time you use it, it gives you an ADDITIONAL 10% off! So for three items, I got 40% off!


Friday, August 23, 2013

Friday Favorites: Sweet Things + Update

Just a few things today! A youtuber I watch is a big fan of Fortune Cookie Soap so I checked it out and have really been wanting a couple of things. Also, I'm pretty sure I've included this t-shirt before, but who cares! I really want it now!

A Fine Frenzy Pines Bird T-Shirt - A Fine Frenzy Store
Sea Salt Hair Spritz "Aquaholic" - Fortune Cookie Soap
Mist Me? "In the Loop" Body Spray - Fortune Cookie Soap

You know how when you're bored you browse online and buy things? Well, I almost bought the Fortune Cookie Soap products last night but couldn't go through with it. I'll probably buy the items today. What put me off from buying them? That dreaded $6.75 shipping! Well, since the products are All Natural and I can't find a fruit loops scent anywhere else, I think I'll add a third item in my cart (so it's more worth it) and buy the items!

  • I've recently been purchasing many things but haven't had the time to photograph them, so I apologize for the lack of haul posts! I'll try to photograph them today (and before school starts) so that I can show you guys what I purchased!
  • I got a new phone! It's the HTC One and if you remember, I blogged about it in my Friday Favorites earlier this year. I'll review it soon!
  • I'm bringing back movie reviews! I posted a movie review (containing several new-ish movies) earlier this year and I'll be bringing it back for the recent films I've seen!


Friday, August 16, 2013

Friday Favorites: Just A Couple of Things

Just a couple of makeup related things I've been wanting but haven't purchased because I've been saving up for a camera. Now that I have enough for that camera, I hope to buy other things from my past Friday Favorites such as the following!

Tokidoki Pittura Brush Set - eBay

Lioele Carry Me Blusher - eBay


Thursday, August 15, 2013

Mall Haul: Better Late Than Never!

So I went to the mall a few weeks ago and got a decent amount of things, but I completely forgot to post what I got here! Without further ado, here are the items I purchased:

Tokidoki Cactus Pup Top - Hot Topic (my top was actually $9.99)

Pom Pom Purin Purse - Sanrio

Tan Braided headband and pack of half rings - H&M

Beach Box - Lush

Back of the Beach Box

What's Included

Each product laid out

Cat-Eye Sunglasses - Forever 21

Rhinestoned Bow ring - Forever 21

Sorry for the lack of posts! I'll be sure to post more often from now on!


Friday, August 9, 2013

Friday Favorites: Pretty Things

Boxing Glove Wristlet - Betsey Johnson
Hello Kitty Mermaid - eBay
Ten Out of Utensils - ModCloth
I Link It's Love - ModCloth

Isn't that Betsey Johnson wristlet adorable? It's a little out of my price range, but cute nonetheless! If it were a purse I'd definitely buy it! The Hello Kitty Mermaid is something I saw in Wisconsin and I thought was too expensive ($7.99) and I figured I could find it online for cheaper. I was wrong. The two necklaces from ModCloth really caught my eye! I'm not much of a baker but the Utensils necklace is too cute not to include on this list! the linked hearts necklace is so pretty I just may buy it.


Thursday, August 8, 2013

Too Faced Loves Sephora 15 Years of Beauty Palette Review + Swatches

Hello! Today I present the long awaited review of my Too Faced Loves Sephora 15 Years of Beauty Palette *phew*! I will go through each item/makeup included in the palette and provide swatches for you guys!

First off, I'd like to mention that this was my very first non-drugstore palette that I shelled out a bunch of cash for. I wanted one and after scouring Sephora for a couple of days and looking at Youtube videos and blog posts, I decided I would buy the Too Faced Loves Sephora palette because of how beautiful everything seemed and how much it included. I want to add that I didn't own any great eyeshadows or blushes before this and owned zero bronzers.

I purchased this on the Sephora website for $52.00 and got 4 free samples (1 from Ebates and 3 you can choose when looking at your cart). Friendly reminder, this palette is limited edition!

Tip: Click each photo to view them larger!


The packaging is so pretty! Now, I've never owned any Too Faced makeup or even purchased anything at Sephora, so if it weren't for watching those videos before purchasing this I wouldn't have known (or realized, more like) that the packaging of this collaboration is Too Faced inspired (the pink, gold, and pale teal) and Sephora inspired (the stripes, which are on every Sephora shopping bag). It's pretty and sophisticated! Ignore the dents... it (sadly) came like that when I opened my package.

The packaging for the palette itself is the same as the box holding it! Pretty and sleek- not much else to say.


Included with the palette is a little sliding pamphlet (Glamour Guide) with 15 complete looks using the shadows, bronzers, and blush! There is a look for everything, really! Also, each look is named after a staff member that created it- cute! I've tried a couple of these looks and I really liked them!

The Palette

Here's a photo of the palette in all its glory! What's included:

  • 10 eyeshadows
  • 2 bronzers
  • 1 blush
  • 1 "Flatbuki" brush
  • Mini Shadow Insurance
Here's a link to how much you get of each product.

The Eye Shadows

Piano Keys - A slightly shimmery, white shadow. This color is perfect for a light base (it can be built up) or for highlighting. It's a nice color, although I do wish it were a bit more pigmented.

Behind the Counter - The perfect milk chocolate brown! This eye shadow is matte and opaque. This looks great on the crease paired with Piano Keys and another color of your choice.

So Cal - A peachy, shimmery, slightly salmon pink. I was really excited about this color, but it's kind of pigmented, although the color can be built up. It might just be how it interacts with my skin tone, so don't be too discouraged. This color is probably more vibrant if a white base is used under it.

SOHO - This color is slightly shimmery lilac. When I first tried this, I was a bit disappointed. I gave it another try, and it's not so bad. This and So Cal are my least favorite (please not that this does not mean I dislike them, they just aren't as AMAZING as the rest of the shadows).

T♥'s The Cast - The prettiest gold I ever did see! So pigmented and shimmery! This color can be used for so many looks- daytime, night time, summer, winter! You will not be disappointed with this eye shadow!

Envy - A dark purple with dark lavender shimmer. Envy is perfect for smoky looks and is very highly pigmented. This color goes very well with SOHO!

Jer Jer - Although it looks more orange in this photo, I assure you that Jer Jer is a more copper penny color (think of a new penny, when it's not all dark and dirty). It's very highly pigmented and has gold glitter. This is just as impressive as TF ♥'s The Cast!

David & Marg - This mermaid teal, shimmery shadow is very beautiful. It's not as pigmented as Jer Jer or Envy, but it is a beautiful color. This shadow has silver shimmer in it and is perfect for all seasons!

525 Market - I'm not really sure how to describe this eye shadow color-wise. I'd say it's kind of like a shimmery brick red with brown undertones. This shadow is highly pigmented and if you're the kind of person who doesn't like harsh colors, don't worry! When blended, this shadow looks gorgeous and not as intense!

1998 - Every shadow in existence can go home now. This is the prettiest, most '90s color in existance! It's the perfect pinkish purple color! It has the most beautiful gold shimmer scattered through it! The bad thing? None of my dumb clothes match this gorgeous color! I need to find a top that goes well with this color ASAP!


Here is each color swatched on my arm. Keep in mind that due to lighting, some of the eye shadows look lighter or less pigmented than they actually are!

Bronzers & Blush

Chocolate Soleil Bronzer - This matte chocolate bronzer is very beautiful and smells sweet! I'm still not very good at applying bronzer, but I will say that this color isn't super intense so it's great for people with fairer skin colors, too!

Sun Bunny Bronzer - To be honest, I've only used this bronzer once. Be careful with this one, though, it's both shimmery and highly pigmented.

Who's Your Poppy? Blush - I feel pretty silly admitting this, but the first time I tried this peachy pink blush, I didn't realize it was a shimmer blush. I put my hands on my face and saw glitter on my fingers- but how? I then realized it was the blush on my cheeks. Just a word of caution for those who don't know or realize! This blush is very pigmented and has very noticeable gold shimmer, so be careful when applying this- a little goes a long way!

The Rest

Mini Flatbuki brush - Included in this palette is a mini "Flatbuki" brush. It's pretty awkward to use since it's not very stiff. I've used it to apply bronzer before and it was just OK. 

Mini Shadow Insurance - I honestly only used this one or twice and didn't really notice a difference. I didn't have a problem with creasing in the first place, so I don't think I will be using this in the future.


What do I rate this palette out of 10? 9/10! It's a great palette if you're looking for fun, different colors! This palette is perfect for almost every season (especially spring and summer!) and I can't recommend it enough if you're a makeup lover! This palette is limited edition and is sold out at most Sephora stores (it's still available online!) so act fast if you fell in love with this palette as much as I did!

Thanks for reading and make sure to comment!


Monday, August 5, 2013

Wisconsin Dells Purchases

I didn't buy much when I went to Wisconsin, but I bought enough to be able to make a post about it! In addition to buying items, I bought things like food, snacks, and tickets for various things! I always have to remind myself of that because I ask myself how I spent so much money!

I bought these cute shorts at Noah's Ark (obviously)!

I mentioned this in my earlier post, but here's a better photo!  It comes with a Gravity Falls sticker, which I'll be putting on my laptop!

This bag comes with gem stickers!

I know it's like THE typical tourist thing to do, but I bought a neon Wisconsin Dells tank top! I really wanted one for some reason and this one was so cute!

When I last went to Wisconsin Dells two years ago, I remember a store where they sold licensed HK stuff, so I went back to get more! This tote was cheap and huge so I got it!

Cute My Melody change purse perfect for hanging on your purse or keys!

Pretty HK pen! I always have a pen in my purse and this will be my new purse pen!

That concludes my Wisconsin Dells purchases! Stay tuned for my Too Faced Loves Sephora palette review coming up later this week!


Wisconsin Dells Photos

I returned from Wisconsin today! Here are some photos from the trip from my instagram (@centaurette) and some others I just have on my phone-

Day 1

The clouds! I captured this while on the ride to Wisconsin Dells (x)

Where we stayed! A large condo~

Dinner the first night- pizza and salad! (x)

The sunset that night (x)

Day 2

We went to the water park the second day so I didn't get any photos- didn't take my phone to the water park, obviously! But I did get some photos of random things~

Taking a break from the waterpark, we came back to eat lunch and dip our feet in the water

The sunset on day 2 (x)

Everyone was tired and in need of some sweets! We ate ice cream but that wasn't enough...

...So we had s'mores! (x)

That concludes day 2. Onto day 3! It was kind of our rest day but we did do a few things~

Day 3

We went on the Wisconsin Ducks!

Our driver/guide was funny and cute!

(I will post some actual photos from the tour on my Instagram tomorrow)

I went on an inflatable boat thing! It was a little scary but nice nonetheless

Sunset from day 3!

 Two of the girls and I went down to the game room (in the condo) after sunset and played pool and foosball!

I lost the game of pool (wtf, it's so hard!) but won the foosball match! It was SO much fun!

We listened to Bruno Mars and Katy Perry while we played!

Other highlights from day 3 was watching Zoolander, pausing it, and sneaking out with the girls around 11 (probably later, actually) and making marshmallows with a lighter and getting creeped out by random noises (our only light was a flashlight and we were out by the water so there were MANY noises). We got back to the movie and went to bed!

Day 4

We had to be out of the condo by 11, so we packed up and left and headed for downtown! The girls and I wanted to go to the Torture Museum first, so we went!

It was creepy but also pretty awesome!

Real John Wayne Gacy painting! Wow!

(Due to the graphic images and torture devices, I won't be posting any actual gory stuff here just in case it triggers anyone)

I bought some things while at downtown Wisconsin Dells, but I'll save that for a separate post I'll be posting later on today~

Last photo- Subway has kids meals and their "toys" are of Gravity Falls! I totally didn't just go in there and buy the two bags (fortunately and unfortunately there are like 6-8 bags total!) they had! I mean, I HAD to since I did just see the season finale live (first time I saw the show live since I have no cable back home) and, I mean, who wouldn't after seeing this photo of Alex Hirsch, the creator of Gravity Falls (and my biggest crush)?:

No he normally doesn't have such creeper eyes

Current phone background and not ashamed

And that was my trip to Wisconsin Dells! I had a ton of fun at Wisconsin Dells and hopefully by next year I'll have a nice camera and be able to take a photo of wherever I go!