Monday, August 5, 2013

Wisconsin Dells Photos

I returned from Wisconsin today! Here are some photos from the trip from my instagram (@centaurette) and some others I just have on my phone-

Day 1

The clouds! I captured this while on the ride to Wisconsin Dells (x)

Where we stayed! A large condo~

Dinner the first night- pizza and salad! (x)

The sunset that night (x)

Day 2

We went to the water park the second day so I didn't get any photos- didn't take my phone to the water park, obviously! But I did get some photos of random things~

Taking a break from the waterpark, we came back to eat lunch and dip our feet in the water

The sunset on day 2 (x)

Everyone was tired and in need of some sweets! We ate ice cream but that wasn't enough...

...So we had s'mores! (x)

That concludes day 2. Onto day 3! It was kind of our rest day but we did do a few things~

Day 3

We went on the Wisconsin Ducks!

Our driver/guide was funny and cute!

(I will post some actual photos from the tour on my Instagram tomorrow)

I went on an inflatable boat thing! It was a little scary but nice nonetheless

Sunset from day 3!

 Two of the girls and I went down to the game room (in the condo) after sunset and played pool and foosball!

I lost the game of pool (wtf, it's so hard!) but won the foosball match! It was SO much fun!

We listened to Bruno Mars and Katy Perry while we played!

Other highlights from day 3 was watching Zoolander, pausing it, and sneaking out with the girls around 11 (probably later, actually) and making marshmallows with a lighter and getting creeped out by random noises (our only light was a flashlight and we were out by the water so there were MANY noises). We got back to the movie and went to bed!

Day 4

We had to be out of the condo by 11, so we packed up and left and headed for downtown! The girls and I wanted to go to the Torture Museum first, so we went!

It was creepy but also pretty awesome!

Real John Wayne Gacy painting! Wow!

(Due to the graphic images and torture devices, I won't be posting any actual gory stuff here just in case it triggers anyone)

I bought some things while at downtown Wisconsin Dells, but I'll save that for a separate post I'll be posting later on today~

Last photo- Subway has kids meals and their "toys" are of Gravity Falls! I totally didn't just go in there and buy the two bags (fortunately and unfortunately there are like 6-8 bags total!) they had! I mean, I HAD to since I did just see the season finale live (first time I saw the show live since I have no cable back home) and, I mean, who wouldn't after seeing this photo of Alex Hirsch, the creator of Gravity Falls (and my biggest crush)?:

No he normally doesn't have such creeper eyes

Current phone background and not ashamed

And that was my trip to Wisconsin Dells! I had a ton of fun at Wisconsin Dells and hopefully by next year I'll have a nice camera and be able to take a photo of wherever I go!


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