Friday, March 29, 2013

Friday Favorites


 Hello Kitty Suntan Tote - Sanrio
Hello Kitty & Friends 50th Bag - Sanrio
Hello Kitty Tropical Vinyl Bag - Sanrio

Hello! So did you notice the theme of today's Friday Favorites? Well, I'm looking for a cute overnight bag/beach bag! Wanna know why? I'm going to Wisconsin Dells in August and I couldn't be more excited! Only problem is that my family (sister and mother) aren't going so I'll have to pack for myself and obviously I have to have a cute bag to take it in, you know? These purses from Sanrio couldn't be any more perfect! Plus I will have birthday money in August (from my June birthday) so I won't feel so guilty buying a purse for $40+!
I'm having trouble deciding which purse I want. The first one is so cute and the inside can hold a lot. It has a large pocket inside and two outside pockets for cups and such, which can be useful if I take it into the parks to hold a water bottle.
The second bag is probably the cutest of the three because of how freaking fancy and gorgeous the 50th Sanrio Anniversary design is. This is the more convenient overnight bag, but it isn't very beachy or convenient for taking to the parks. Still super cute though and great for when I go to hotels or on other vacations!
The third bag is super cute and vintage-like. It has two convenient pockets on the sides and a large space on the inside. My only problem with this one is that it's vinyl. Although it may look cute, vinyl will get hot when the sun hits it so if I take it to the park, everything inside and the bag itself will definitely get boiling hot. The look of the bag is too cute to resist!

Hopefully none of these are removed from the site by the time I want to buy it! I'll make a post of which one I will purchase in a future post on my pre-destination to Wisconsin Dells (which will include my schedule for the days I will be there).


Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Recent Purchases

I recently went to the mall and I purchased a couple of tops and Duffy the Disney Bear (which was featured in my Friday Favorites here)! I couldn't get a good photo of the second top, so I included the photo from the Forever 21 website (here).

I keep trying to tell myself I'll purchase cute, Fairy kei and Hime Gyaru-esque clothes but darker clothes with blues always call out to me. These tops will look cute with shorts during the summer though, so I can't complain much. I still have time to buy pretty tops before Spring and Summer roll around.

I have wanted Duffy the Disney Bear  for around two years! I always wanted to buy him but I never did because it's $30.00 and is only available through the website, so it's nearly $40 with tax and shipping. I'm glad Disney got some sense into them and decided to start carrying them in the stores! Isn't he adorable? I can't wait to buy him some clothes ! I know, I'm such a child! I could be buying clothes with that kind of money but I honestly don't care. I stopped caring when I decided I would buy what makes me happy !

I also bought these products from e.l.f.! My local Target finally started carrying e.l.f. products that weren't those $5 holiday palettes for Christmas.


Monday, March 25, 2013

Today's Makeup

I'm pretty terrible when it comes to makeup. This was technically my first time applying eyeshadow and it kinda came out bad but I have to remain hopeful because practice does make perfect. I used a cheap $2 e.l.f. palette. I used a chocolate brown on the outer, a beige on the lid, a cream on the brow bone, and a shimmery copper below the lower lid. I used Tony Moly Cats Wink mascara (which is the best mascara ever!). Once my makeup skills improve I will post better photos and possibly some tutorials.


Hair and Nails

Yesterday's hair and nail. Well, I had my hair like this in the morning then got annoyed with how messy they got while I did chores around the house. I also changed my shirt because this one wasn't cute enough.

The OPI color is "Lucky Lucky Lavender" and it is my favorite nail color. It's opaque and glossy and just the best. Keep in mind that I had only applied one coat and applied the second coat after the photo was taken.


Friday, March 22, 2013

Friday Favorites



Leather Belt Bracelet - The White Pepper
Flag Knit Sweater - Storenvy
Novelty Hair Clip - Ebay
Novelty Hello Kitty Glasses - Ebay

Okay, don't judge me for wanting those novelty items. I'm the kind of person who absolutely hates when people wear fake glasses. Those who try to look "swag"- Basketball players, white teenagers, etc. But these are so cute and Martina (of Eat Your Kimchi) has the number 4 pair and they look so cute on her! Plus, she actually does need glasses so she wears contacts then the fake glasses. Several people have told me they do the same thing- get contacts and wear cute, cheap frames. I'm considering asking my mom for contacts just to change stuff up for a change (plus I want new prescription frames ASAP).

I also want that novelty clip ever since I saw Martina wearing a couple in a video. They look so cute and fun! Probably a great addition if I want a Gyaru-esque wardrobe for summer.

Isn't that sweater gorgeous? It'd be perfect for recreating Nana Suzuki's looks! Problem is, it is 40+ USD. Totally not worth it, especially for something I can't even physically try on before purchasing. I also have a feeling that something similar can be found at many other shops for much cheaper- I'd just have to look!

That leather belt bracelet from The White Pepper is so beautiful. I love how it has the stitching at the end and it looks like an actual belt. I scoured Ebay for a similar one but I could only find cheap, emo-type bracelets. 

Well, I'm off to sing along to A Fine Frenzy (way too obsessed with Pines) and do my nails (not at a salon, mind you).