Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Lush Dragon's Egg Bath Bomb Review

Today I have a review for you for the Lush Dragon's Egg bath bomb. It is, in fact, my first bath bomb ever! I've been wanting a bath bomb for quite some time. It wasn't until recently when I was shopping for my mother's birthday gift did I lunge at the chance to finally purchase a bath bomb. I bought one for her as well (her first bath bomb, too!). I bought her the Fizzbanger bath bomb, which smells incredible and I plan on purchasing for myself in the future (if she ends up liking it).

Weight: 6.3oz
Price: $6.25
Lush description: Unleash fire and bathe in a whirlpool of magnificently vibrant, sizzling color and a spectacular explosion of sights, sounds, and scents. Inhale the refreshing sherbet-y citrus scent of lemon and bergamot; you’ll feel like you’re up and away on the back of your own dragon. This mystical Bath Bomb fizzles, crackles, curls, and ends with a glitter explosion. Citrus oils are known for their invigorating effect on the mind, and Dragon’s Egg is no exception! Drop one of these into the bath for a serious wake-up call on groggy mornings, or before an evening out.

As I mentioned before, this was my first bath bomb. Besides Fizzbanger, this is the bath bomb that allured me the most and I knew was a popular bath bomb. I haven't taken a bath since I was a kid (I only take showers). Bath bombs are basically full-proof- you fill your tub with water with your desired temperature and drop the bath bomb in. Admittedly, I got a little scared when dropping it in because I thought it would crack, but it was fine.

It twirls when it fizzes!

The Scent: In Lush's description it mentions that it should smell like refreshing sherbet-y citrus and they are correct! It's pure citrus-y goodness! I know some people have had certain Lush bath bombs where the scent is very overpowering and almost nauseating. I did not experience this with this bath bomb- it was light and fresh.

The Extras: The water turned a beautiful yellow gold with orange accents. Lush mentions that this bath bomb crackles and fizzes and, again, they were correct! It sounded faintly like a crackling fire, which makes sense seeing as it's a "Dragon's" egg. Lush also mentions that there is a glitter explosion. I was disappointed when I was looking down into the water before getting in when I saw zero signs of glitter... then I got in. Whoa! There was SO MUCH glitter! It was like swimming in a tub full of gold.

Look at all that glitter!

Others: Behind the pretty colors and glitter, this bath bomb left my skin nice and smooth and my body both relaxed and hydrated. The water felt silky smooth! It did leave just a bit of glitter on my skin, but not too much, don't worry! Also, there will be some things floating around that look white, but it's actually little soap suds that make the water feel silky.

Dislikes: Well, one tiny dislike is that it leaves a lot of glitter in your bathtub, but a quick wipe will get rid of it and, hey, it's only glitter! It could be worse (stained tub, like some bath bombs).

After wiping my fingers quickly over the bottom of the tub

Overall: Would I recommend this? Definitely! Obviously it's a little pricey for a single bath use, but if you're into relaxing after school, work, or just a long day, this will definitely help calm and relax you! Just set your laptop up to a movie/show, get a book, or put on some music and you're set! My music of choice was A Fine Frenzy. I also watched a little bit of Lost Girl but paused it half way.