Friday, March 29, 2013

Friday Favorites


 Hello Kitty Suntan Tote - Sanrio
Hello Kitty & Friends 50th Bag - Sanrio
Hello Kitty Tropical Vinyl Bag - Sanrio

Hello! So did you notice the theme of today's Friday Favorites? Well, I'm looking for a cute overnight bag/beach bag! Wanna know why? I'm going to Wisconsin Dells in August and I couldn't be more excited! Only problem is that my family (sister and mother) aren't going so I'll have to pack for myself and obviously I have to have a cute bag to take it in, you know? These purses from Sanrio couldn't be any more perfect! Plus I will have birthday money in August (from my June birthday) so I won't feel so guilty buying a purse for $40+!
I'm having trouble deciding which purse I want. The first one is so cute and the inside can hold a lot. It has a large pocket inside and two outside pockets for cups and such, which can be useful if I take it into the parks to hold a water bottle.
The second bag is probably the cutest of the three because of how freaking fancy and gorgeous the 50th Sanrio Anniversary design is. This is the more convenient overnight bag, but it isn't very beachy or convenient for taking to the parks. Still super cute though and great for when I go to hotels or on other vacations!
The third bag is super cute and vintage-like. It has two convenient pockets on the sides and a large space on the inside. My only problem with this one is that it's vinyl. Although it may look cute, vinyl will get hot when the sun hits it so if I take it to the park, everything inside and the bag itself will definitely get boiling hot. The look of the bag is too cute to resist!

Hopefully none of these are removed from the site by the time I want to buy it! I'll make a post of which one I will purchase in a future post on my pre-destination to Wisconsin Dells (which will include my schedule for the days I will be there).



  1. the first bag are great, with the kitty manba.
    very cute