Monday, April 1, 2013

Recent Purchases

Hello! Today I will show you the items I bought over the weekend.

The Hello Kitty 2013 sunglasses were $8!  I know that you can find similar sunglasses online for very cheap but these are a new release- notice the polka dot design on the inside, the sketch of Hello Kitty on the side and the scribbled "Hello Kitty" polka dot on the other side. Also, these have a small Hello Kitty on the frame itself and (my favorite part) the bow on the corner has a gem in the middle!

I bought this Covergirl Liquiline Blast eyeliner pencil in Blue Bloom. It was on sale (buy 1 get 1 50)
and I had a coupon, so why not? It'll be interesting trying this out and seeing what I can wear with this (in terms of clothes, not other makeup). My mom got the brown one~

I bought this top at the same store I found the Hello Kitty sunglasses. I was on the fence about it because 1. Cultural Appropriation 2. It was huge 3. The fit is very iffy (because it is big AND loose, it'll be difficult to see if it will work)
I tried it on (no undershirt, so I but that pretty neon butterfly) and I love the way it looked with the black jeans I had on. You can't really tell, but the Native American is neon. So it fit nice, looked cute with jeans (and probably even better with shorts), and it was only $7! I couldn't say no 

Had too much fun on Saturday! I bought the sunglasses and top later on that day but earlier I hung out with my friends! We went bowling, at Thai food, had frozen yogurt, and talked and talked and talked. We're definitely making a lot of plans on what we're doing after this semester ends! Six Flags, mini golfing, lots of other stuff! 


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