Tuesday, April 2, 2013

March Favorites


I am going to begin posting my monthly favorites at the end or beginning of the month. For example, I will post my April favorites in late April or early May. Make sense? OK! My favorites will not be linked to my Friday Favorites, so you will not see things I had on my Friday Favorites on my monthly favorites.

Yay! I actually took these photos with my camera for once instead of my phone! I'll be doing that from now on instead of being lazy and taking them with my phone 

My first favorite items are my Tony Moly products! These are my two favorite makeup products- they're the best! Hopefully I'll do a review of the mascara  soon so everyone can see how amazing it is.

As previously blogged before, I bought this e.l.f. liquid eyeliner and after trying it a few times, it is definitely fun to use and hopefully I get better at applying it- although I'm not terrible at it now.

This is a very random monthly favorite but I am really obsessed with my Vinylmations (my favorite I own is pictured below). I really want to spend all my money to get a larger collection (I currently have around 15) but I know I shouldn't buy so many at once.

I'm a ring person and I bought these JewelMint rings around two years ago. They aren't available on the site anymore, unfortunately. They're amazing quality and can be easily stacked.

check out dat high quality


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