Friday, April 12, 2013

Friday Favorites: Sanrio's Done It Again!

Plastic Cup - Sanrio
Overnight Bag - Sanrio
Cosmetic Purse - Sanrio
Shoulder Purse - Sanrio
(all links lead to the items in the site, not just the main page)

Sanrio recently came out with several new items recently and many of them are purses ! I fell in love with the Kawaii line instantly! It's quite obvious, too! The print is Hello Kitty dressed in Harajuku fashion (fairy kei/pop kei)! They also let out a travelling line today and the glitter leopard purse is so cute! It may not look so special in the photo, but in the email sent to me this morning by Sanrio, a model had it over her shoulder and it looks SO CUTE !



  1. Omg that makeup bag is sooooooo cute!
    Follow me maybe?
    -Jenna <3