Monday, April 22, 2013

Recent Purchases: Mall Haul!


Yesterday I went to the mall and spent a lot of money ... but it's okay! I bought so many cute things! Sadly, none of it was clothes like I intended to buy, but I don't care. We ate at Red Robin (my first time there) and I had the Boca Burger. It was delicious! The first store I went to was Sanrio and they had too many cute things I almost exploded! We went to some other stores and I ended up buying something from Forever 21 and the Disney Store. We got some bubble tea (my favorite is Almond) and we left! 
Here are the things I ended up buying:

My Melody Sunglasses Case for $12.50

Bento Mechanical Pencil (sadly they didn't have the phone plug with the hot dog I wanted D:) for $6.50

PomPomPurin change purse for $6.95

PomPomPurin ring for $5.95

Free Little Twin Stars tape! Sanrio always attaches a free item to your bag

For some strange reason a bunch of the stores at the mall I went to were under construction! It was so frustrating since it was all the really popular stores like Forever 21, H&M, and Victoria's Secret (and those were just the one's I noticed!). All three stores weren't completely closed and they had their stores open somehow. H&M had this really cramped store that was literally half children's and half women. They used to have a two floor store but they closed one floor, made the cramped one, and made a Men's H&M. I honestly don't know if it's temporary or if that's just how it's going to be. Forever 21 had a store open that sold their Heritage stuff (no pastels in sight). We figured we should check if they had anything and I found the flip flops pictured below with a handwritten price tag marked "4.80." I figured that was a great price for such cute flip flops and went to buy them. The cashier told me they were on sale and would be $2.17! Best steal ever!

Sanrio for Forever 21 Hangyodon Flip Flops for $2.17

So the last store we went to was the Disney Store and I wasn't really planning on buying anything then I almost flipped out when I saw they had the two items I least expected to be there- the Goofy's Candy Co. keychains and the Cutesters en Vogue Vinylmations! I could have sworn they were only available on the website and the parks! I immediately bought them and was happy with my pull from the Vinylmation Jr. series but I was a little meh with my Cutesters pull to be honest. I really want one of the girls! I will get one eventually.

Goofy's Candy Co. Vinylmation Jr. Keychain for $9.95

Cutesters en Vogue Vinylmation for $12.95

That's all from my trip to the mall! I actually received a free Badtz Maru poster from Sanrio but I didn't really want to include it since I haven't put it up on my wall yet.


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