Sunday, March 3, 2013

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Disney store Vinylmation pulls!

So I finally went  for the first time since the holidays (this doesn't count regular trips to the grocery store and Target)! I bought for Vinylmations at the Disney Store! They're having a BOGO sale that if you buy any regular 3 inch Vinylmation, you get a Robots 3 Collection figure or Myths & Legends figure (or some other one) for free! 
I really wanted a Whiskers and Tales figure so I bought one and a Robots figure! I was praying to the Vinylmation Gods that I don't get Bolt and I did . But that's okay! I'll just have to remember to take it to the Disney Store with me next time and trade it in for something else! Maybe they'll have a Robots character or another Villains figure (I have 6 of the series!). In total I have about 16 Vinylmations... which is pretty good for only staring last year, but I want to have double that amount by the end of the year!


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