Saturday, August 24, 2013

Recent Purchases: Lovely Items

Here are some of the recent purchases I made. These were not all purchased on the same day! These were purchased in the span of 3 days unless otherwise stated!

Click the photos to the view them larger!

Tokidoki phone plugs - Hot Topic

My favorite is the Unicorno one! It's so cute!

POW T-shirt - Forever 21

Basic Grey Pullover Sweatshirt - Forever 21

I was looking for a basic sweatshirt for fall and this one is perfect! Really warm!

Tokidoki Unicorno Figurines - Hot Topic

I actually purchased one on Saturday and received the Cheetah print one then purchased two more on Monday and received these two. So two Cheetah print Unicornos and the Hawaiian one (one of my favorites from the series!).

Tokidoki shirt - Hot Topic

My shirt is currently not clean (oops!) so I couldn't photograph it, so the photo from Hot Topic will have to do! It's a cute shirt! I love Donutella~

Cat HTC One Phone Case - eBay

This was purchased a couple of weeks ago. Since it's shipped from China, it took a while to get here but was worth the wait! So cute! It came with a cute plastic cat bag and a cat phone plug.

Organic 100% Cotton Rounds - The Body Shop

Okay, I got suckered into buying these because I was buying...

Tea Tree Skin Clearing Toner - The Body Shop

This. I really like this product! I'll do a review of all of the Body Shop products I bought in a separate post!

Tea Tree Blotting Tissues - The Body Shop

If you're prone to getting oily skin throughout the day, I suggest buying blotting tissues! They're available at Target and probably your local drugstore, but I bought these at The Body Shop!

Tip: Don't buy these online. They are $10 online for the same amount of sheets! That's crazy! I got them at the store for around $3. They are originally $5, but with every item you add to your cart, you save an extra 10%! It's a good deal and was one of the reasons I bought the cotton rounds. In addition to the 30% off (since I bought 3 items), I was given a membership card for free (since I'm a student) and each time you use it, it gives you an ADDITIONAL 10% off! So for three items, I got 40% off!


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