Friday, August 23, 2013

Friday Favorites: Sweet Things + Update

Just a few things today! A youtuber I watch is a big fan of Fortune Cookie Soap so I checked it out and have really been wanting a couple of things. Also, I'm pretty sure I've included this t-shirt before, but who cares! I really want it now!

A Fine Frenzy Pines Bird T-Shirt - A Fine Frenzy Store
Sea Salt Hair Spritz "Aquaholic" - Fortune Cookie Soap
Mist Me? "In the Loop" Body Spray - Fortune Cookie Soap

You know how when you're bored you browse online and buy things? Well, I almost bought the Fortune Cookie Soap products last night but couldn't go through with it. I'll probably buy the items today. What put me off from buying them? That dreaded $6.75 shipping! Well, since the products are All Natural and I can't find a fruit loops scent anywhere else, I think I'll add a third item in my cart (so it's more worth it) and buy the items!

  • I've recently been purchasing many things but haven't had the time to photograph them, so I apologize for the lack of haul posts! I'll try to photograph them today (and before school starts) so that I can show you guys what I purchased!
  • I got a new phone! It's the HTC One and if you remember, I blogged about it in my Friday Favorites earlier this year. I'll review it soon!
  • I'm bringing back movie reviews! I posted a movie review (containing several new-ish movies) earlier this year and I'll be bringing it back for the recent films I've seen!


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