Wednesday, June 5, 2013

30 Day Drawing Challenge: Day 5

Today's drawing challenge is to draw my best friend. I don't have one specific best friend... I have two. I didn't want to draw two people (I'm terrible), so I chose the friend I knew for the longest!

click the photo to make it larger!

I've known her since my first year in high school... probably within the first month, since we shared Computer class with her (I think I was the only one who found that class helpful!). She's probably the sweetest person I know! She's incredibly intelligent and funny!

I think from now on I'll just be using the basic Bamboo app and the more fancy one. Turns out the fancy one is basically just for creating backgrounds! Also, I like the basic one because of their pencil brushes.
I'm planning on trying out watercolors or colored pencils one of these days when I come across a challenge that peaks my interest!

I will be back later in the afternoon posting a "Recent Purchases" 


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