Thursday, June 6, 2013

My Birthday + 30 Day Drawing Challenge: Day 6

It's my birthday today!  But in my family, we don't celebrate until the weekend (unless your b-day is on a Monday or Tuesday, we celebrate the weekend before). We'll be going out to dinner tomorrow with some of my family and celebrating with the entire family this coming Sunday.

Today's challenge is to draw my favorite book character that isn't in a movie. This was so tough! When you think about your favorite characters, they are always movie characters... at least for me. Well, in my case I think about Harry Potter characters and clearly those have been made into movie characters, so I can't choose them! My second problem with this is every time I'm asked what my favorite books are, I freeze up and forget every book I've read except for the obvious popular books.

Then I thought... do graphic novels/sorta comics count? Sure they do! I drew Noa from the Sky Doll series. This is based off a photo, but I didn't trace it or anything.

I actually really love how it came out. The Sky Doll series is very beautifully drawn and written. I definitely suggest them! You may be able to find them at comic book stores or eBay.
I love Noa because she's different from all the other Sky Doll's. She's well aware with what she's programmed to do, but she knows that she's destined for more. She's spunky, funny, beautiful, and sweet.


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