Friday, June 21, 2013

Friday Favorites + 30 Day Drawing Challenge: Day 21

I didn't completely forget about Friday Favorites! I feel bad for not updating on Friday's, but it's been kinda hectic lately.

Vinylmation Beauty and the Beast - Disney Store
Tuxedosam Shoulder Bag - Sanrio
Tuxedosam phone strap - Sanrio
Purin phone strap - Sanrio
Hello Kitty Bow phone strap - Sanrio
Hello Kitty Bow folding comb - Sanrio

I know, so many pointless little things! But Sanrio updated their shop and added a load of cute things. On the top of my list of things to purchase are the Tuxedosam purse and the BatB Vinylmations. Apparently they're selling out EVERYWHERE and, sadly, I doubt I'll be going to the mall today or tomorrow. Let's hope that by Sunday, my local Disney Store will still have some available!

Today's 30 Day Drawing Challenge is to draw something I want. I was thinking of something material like the BatB vinylmations, but I actually have been craving something to eat/drink more!

A chocolate drink! I don't care if it's a coffee drink or a chocolate milk shake, I really want one!


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  1. I hope you're able to get some of the BATB Vinylmations! They're amazing!!