Friday, May 31, 2013

Vinylmation Holy Grails

So ever since I've been a part of the Vinylmation Exchange group on Facebook, I've noticed that some members call the Vinylmations that they really want "holy grails" or "grail". I've noticed that the ones that they refer to as their grails are Vinylmations that are hard-to-find, expensive, and rare. These are usually the Park 1 chaser (Mickey balloon), any chasers in general, limited edition series (such as the UP Vinyls), and series that were recalled (so far only the Furry Friends series).
I began to wonder what my holy grails were. After making my Chasing Vinylmation "wants" list, I gathered up a list of the Vinyls I really wanted but were either too expensive (for me, at least) or rare. So what are they? Look below:

Honey - Condiments Series
Cherry Freeze - So Tasty! SDCC LE
Soft Serve - So Tasty! SDCC LE
Marie - Furry Friends
Peter Pegasus - Furry Friends

Notice how all of my holy grails are sickeningly cute. The honey Vinylmation from the Condiments series (2010) was pretty expensive, according to Chasing Vinylmation. The Condiments series were sold in a pack of 6 for $89.95. Currently, there is a single Honey Vinylmation on eBay for $44.95 or the entire pack of 6 for $99.95 (hmm, which is the better deal?). You can view the Condiments series here.
The Cherry Freeze and Soft Serve Vinylmations were an exclusive individually packed series for San Diego Comic Con goers. They were $10 (!!!) and each Vinyl smells like what they are supposed to be. I have two from the non-SDCC LE series sold at the Disney Store, which smell like grape soda and frozen lemonade. These were all open edition so no blind boxes. These are going for around $50-$70 EACH on eBay. Won't be buying any of them any time soon. I have noticed someone is selling the entire SDCC LE set (which I love as well) for $200 on eBay. That's a pretty good price seeing as most people sell them for $50 each and $200 is good for 8 of them. You can view the LE ones and the regular ones here
Finally, the Furry Friends series! Oh gosh, this is the cutest series ever. This series was recalled for some strange reason. Two of the Vinyls from this series are on my Holy Grail list- Marie (from The Aristocats) and Peter Pegasus (from the Pastoral Symphony part of Fantasia). Peter Pegasus is my ultimate grail yet it is probably the cheapest one. I've seen people selling it for around $40. I definitely wouldn't mind paying $40 for that cutie. I actually hope to buy him from someone on Vinylmation Exchange when my birthday rolls around and I have birthday money to spend. You can view the Furry Friends series here (I also want the chaser and Pluto).


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