Thursday, May 16, 2013

Today's Photo: Girl in Yellow

Today's special photo of the day is something I received in the mail- what is it?

"Vinyl Circus"?


The Girl in Yellow!

The vinylmation I've been wanting since this series came out! This is my new favorite vinylmation! Isn't she the cutest? I'm almost done with the en Vogue series (sort of). I don't count the variants, so now I only need a few more from this series. The red flapper, Audrey Hepburn (girl in black), and the chaser! Not sure if I will buy the chaser, but we'll see.

I bought it from this seller on eBay. They are based in the U.S. so the shipping was fast. There were a few marks on her but that was expected. They sell a bunch of other vinylmations I want (and are no longer being sold) so that's pretty awesome!


1 comment:

  1. She is so cute! The only one I really wanted from this series was Audrey in the black dress, and she was the first one I got! You can use those white magic erasers to remove the marks on her :)