Thursday, May 23, 2013


Summer is here! Well, technically it isn't until June 21st, but summer break is here! This summer has been great so far and will be one of the best since Summer 2011 (Florida!). I'm gonna lay out my plans/goals for this summer in this here blog post~

1. Create a  for my blog!
I was hoping to make a Youtube for my blog this summer, but I'd like to get a better camera first! So camera first, Youtube channel second! I'd review things, make package opening videos, Vinylmation videos, makeup videos, etc.!

2. Go to Six Flags with my friends
I'm planning on doing this after my birthday. We're working it out right now and it's sounding like it's gonna happen! One of my friends who is going has never been and I'm so excited to go with her for the first time! I haven't been to Six Flags in a good 3-4 years, so I'm excited to go again! I'm also hoping to go to the water park with them. Also, what's a Six Flags trip if you don't get their deluxe funnel cake?

3. Go to Wisconsin for 3 days
My aunt invited me to Wisconsin a couple of months ago! I'm so excited. It's planned for early August, I believe. Once we are there, we (my aunt, her husband, her kids, and my cousin) will chill out at the rented home and go to the water parks on the second day. We'll eat out at restaurants, shop, check out local attractions, etc.! I'm very excited for this and hope I don't get too sun burned!

4. Birthday Party
My 20th birthday... oh how I dread you and want you to come faster! Dread because I'm turning 20. No longer a teen... getting older. If anyone knows me, I'm a total kid at heart. Turning 20 is scary to me. With age comes more needed responsibility. But with birthdays come presents, cake, and parties! I'll be celebrating either the day before or the day after my trip to Six Flags. My birthday party last year was so much fun! My family loves celebrating things, so there are parties for just about everyone. May and June are very big with parties! I want to have a fun party like before- sundaes, balloon fights, chocolate cake, possibly goody bags!

5. Buy loads of stuff!
With 20th birthday's come loads of birthday cash. So why not spend it on my favorite things? Sanrio and Disney stuff! I'll buy things at Wisconsin Dells for my mom and sister, buy things at Six Flags, buy things at Sanrio and the Disney Store, and just spend it all!

6. Read 5 books
Now onto a more serious topic (sort of)- books! I haven't read any books for my sole entertainment in so long. It's all about school books and not enough about books I actually want to read. I have one that I hope on starting this week, but I also want to read the second Hunger Games book and another John Green book. I have other books on my Amazon Wishlist I'd like to buy/read but I'll get to those after I read Catching Fire and my John Green book.

7. Go to the beach
I only went to the beach once last year when it was like the hottest day ever. It kind of sucked, but I still want to go again. I love the whole experience- sand castles, swimming, sandwiches, and chips.

That's all I can think of for now~ let's hope I stick to most of these!



  1. I've had a Youtube channel for a while but I just started a new one for random vlogs and things. I uploaded a Vinylmation video today! You can see it here:

    Yay for Birthdays! I hope Vinylmations are on your list ;) Your Summer sounds fun.

    1. I'm going to subscribe~ I wanted to make a new one for vlogs and reviews, but I actually might just keep my old one!
      Definitely Vinylmations are on my list!