Thursday, May 9, 2013

Vinylmations: Myths & Legends and Robots 3

I received my vinylmations in the mail! Two Robots 3 and two Myths & Legends! They were securely packaged with bubble wrap and in a brown box (did you know that Disney changed their packaging? I love it more now!). 

Two of the vinylmation boxes

Here were the possibilities of what I could get! The chaser for M&L collection was a purple dragon with an expendable neck. The chaser for the Robots 3 collection was Goofy.

I received the Mickey one! It was my first duplicate- I purchased two Robots 3 vinylmations around two months ago and this is one of the one's I got. I wasn't too bummed (I can always trade or sell it) but my record of not getting a duplicated EVER was broken (I had 18 3in. and 4 Jrs.).

I was so stoked to get this one! I really wanted it! One of my favorite vinylmations I own to date!

Now for the Myths & Legends series...

I got the gnome! Isn't the hat adorable? I really wanted Medusa or the Mermaid but the gnome and big foot were one of the one's I wanted, so I'm happy!

Not gonna lie, I was pretty bummed about this one. I really wanted Medusa or the Mermaid! But it's okay... I may decide to trade this one if I see something I like in the trading box.

I do have a couple of complaints, sadly. My gnome vinylmation had a scratch on one of the ears (not cause by me) and the Winnie the Pooh had some strange sticker residue on it (which came off with warm water and a napkin). This is strange, since I haven't heard any complaints of defects on either series. It's fine, though. I'm not that crazed of a collector (yet, at least) to write the Disney Store an angry review. I'm still very happy with the items I got and will continue buying from the Disney Store (both online and in store).



  1. I have almost 50 Vinylmations and once and a while you might receive one new in the box with a defect. One of the ones I got from the new A3 collection had a smudge on his face. I gently used one of those magic erasers and it came off!

    Anyhow, Pooh is so cute! Glad you got him.