Thursday, May 30, 2013

30 Day Drawing Challenge: Day 1

During the month of June, I will be doing a fun little challenge every day! I found this 30 Day Drawing Challenge on Jorge Garcia's blog (Hurley from Lost) and after looking through all his drawings (which are surprisingly amazing??), I decided it would be fun to do it on my blog! The topics for each day are very interesting and I figured it would also be interesting to see if there was any progress in my drawing/tablet abilities. Currently I'm only using a small Bamboo Tablet app on my laptop so there won't be any fancy brushes or effects. Anywho, here is the challenge:

I look Asian?? I don't know... in my eyes (ha), I have very almond shaped eyes. Also, I drew my face too puffy. I was using my webcam as a mirror this morning and it came out decent. Keep in mind I haven't drawn in months. I also haven't drawn with my tablet in ages, so I'm rusty. ALSO, this only took a couple of minutes. There will be days when I spend more time on a drawing and days when I just do a quick sketch!
This project will be fun! If I accidentally skip a day, I will be sure to post the drawing the next day!



  1. This is a fun challenge, but I can't draw!
    Your drawing looks great, though.
    And don't forget to enter my Summer Giveaway! ♥

    1. Thanks! I wish I had taken more time to draw it, though. I'll be sure to check it out~