Sunday, May 5, 2013

Recent Purchases: Vinylmations, Lights, and Books!

Went to the mall and picked up yet another en Vogue vinylmation and yet another Goofy's Candy Co. vinylmation Jr. Was so lucky with my pulls! Finally got one of the girls! I was so ecstatic. I wasn't sure what to expect when I opened the GCC vinylmation but I was so happy with my pull! The gummy bear keychain was the one I wanted most out of every one available and I was beyond stoked when I opened it.

 her hair reminds me of mine! cutie!

cutie patootie!

Also, I stopped by Target and picked up a couple of things! Both John Green books I wanted were on sale and I opted for the cheaper one, Looking for Alaska. Starting to get things from my previous Friday Favorites!

I ordered 4 vinylmations for $21! If you collect vinylmations, you'll know this is a steal! They were all on clearance for $5.99. The Disney Store has a sale going on that will let you take off a bonus 40% off sale items, so the vinylmations were now $3.60! I bought two of the Myths and Legends and two of the Robots collection! I already have two from the Robots collection (Mickey and the White Rabbit) and one of the Myths and Legends (the Ogre).

For the M&L, I'm hoping for the mermaid, medusa, gargoyle, or gnome! For the Robots, I'm hoping for the alien, Mad Hatter, Pooh Bear, Minnie Mouse, or Tigger!

I received the best package in the mail on Saturday! I didn't expect to get it until early next week! As I have mentioned before, I pre-ordered the Siberia Acoustic (reviewed the album here) and today I received the physical CD copy and the SIGNED POSTER! Definitely need to get this framed!
Okay, so a story comes with this. I was not home since around 2:30pm because I went to a family party nearly an hour away. I had checked the tracking that morning and it had left Canada on the 2nd. I didn't expect it to come so fast since Canadian customs suck! We walked up to the door and my sister held up a package and told me I was lucky this wasn't stolen! UM, YEAH!


I also received my tiara ring from eBay, which I previously blogged about a couple of weeks ago. At first I thought it was bad quality (like what you get in a gumball machine) but it's not that terrible. Pretty great for 99 cents! It fits my ring finger perfectly but I just wanted to show my nails in the photo too 

cute, right?



  1. Hello! Found your blog through Tumblr. I LOVE vinylmations. I have about 40 of them and just completed my Alice in Wonderland collection. That's so exciting that you gut the gummy bear! I just traded with some people online and got the sprinkles, cotton candy and gum drop. Are you excited for the Beauty and the Beast series next month? If you're interested, I'm in a great online group where people share their Vinyls and trade them:

    1. Nice to meet you! I'm just a new collector so I only have 18 :) I really want the sprinkles, cotton candy, and gum drop one's too! I'm SO excited for the Beauty and the Beast series! I'll definitely check out the group :) Thanks for stopping by!

    2. I know! I can't wait for them to announce who the chaser is for the BATB series. It arrives on June 21st! Do you like Star Wars at all? The third series will be released on the 20th of this month which is in just ten days. The characters are great.

      So glad to have a new Vinylmation friend :) If you have Instagram feel free to follow me. My username is: jenmariefashion. I post pictures of my Vinyls often :)

    3. Unfortunately I don't have an instagram- I have a Windows phone and they don't have the app! Boo. The new Star Wars series sounds awesome!
      I wonder if the chaser for the BATB series is Chip! That would be awesome and seems very likely since he is the only main(ish) character that they didn't include. I can see them having variants of the Bimbettes (yellow and/or red), also~
      Do you have a Chasing Vinylmation account? Mine is here: