Saturday, July 6, 2013

Top 5 Favorite Beauty Youtubers

1. Violetlebeaux
Hands down the best hair tutorials on Youtube. Her tutorials are both cute and easy. She hails from Australia (where the weather can be brutally hot) so many of her tutorials include updo's inspired by Hime Gyaru. Violet also does makeup tutorials, vlogs (separate channel), nail tutorials, craft DIYs, outfit of the days, and more! She's sweeter than cupcakes and I definitely recommend every girly girl check her Youtube channel out.

What to Watch: This is my favorite OOTD of hers and this (her most recent hair tutorial) is amazing!

2. Gregory Gorgeous
GiGi is hilarious and very talented with a brush! He doesn't only do makeup tutorials and monthly favorites, he posts basically whatever he wants! Admittedly, I do go straight to his vlogs/stories rather than his beauty related videos- but I do love other videos!

What to Watch: See this video for one of hilarious yet dramatic stories and this for a Get Ready With Me video!

3. Dope2111 (Promise Phan)
Promise has wonderful transformation videos. It's more of a fun beauty channel, but don't relate fun with untalented. She's probably the most talented makeup artist on Youtube in my opinion. She seems really sweet and isn't trying to be squeaky perfect *cough*.

What to Watch: Her Jennifer Lawrence tutorial and Adele tutorial are my favorites!

4. Glowpinkstah
Gloria is one of my favorite Youtubers in general! She's hilarious and so real! Although most of her tutorials are parody tutorials with silly makeup application, Gloria isn't a bad makeup applicator at all! Lately she's been making regular (although still hilarious) makeup tutorials. She probably wouldn't call her channel a beauty channel because posts more comedic things, but I love her beauty and parody beauty tutorials as much as the others on this list!

What to Watch: This is probably my favorite parody tutorial of hers to date. This is super pretty girly tutorial that I totally love.

5. Lisa Freemont Street
Although Lisa is one of the best vintage beauty guru's on Youtube and is on this list because she's a favorite of mine, she's number 5 because I just can't do most of her tutorials. My favorite tutorials of hers are her vintage hair tutorials, but they require things I just don't have! It's obviously my fault, But I just wanted to point that out. Now, not all of her videos require tools I don't have, but most do. But that's besides the point! She's a great Youtuber and all of her videos have great music! Something else I love about her is that she's had long, medium, and short hair so there's a vintage hair tutorial for everyone!

What to Watch: I love this updo hair tutorial and night time variation.

Hope you enjoyed this Top 5 Favorite Beauty Youtubers post! I'll be doing another post on just my favorite Youtubers in general later on in the month (hopefully next week!). That one will probably have my top 10 favorites!


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  1. Interesting post - I've only heard about Promise Phan before (because she was in a tutorial with Michelle Phan) xD

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