Sunday, July 14, 2013

A Day in Photos: Navy Pier + Update

What a wonderful day yesterday was! I met up with a few of my best friends and we had a girl's day at Navy Pier! It was hot and crowded, but we created so many memories :) Here are some photos of my day:

The tables behind the swings was our favorite place to sit- shaded and a great view!

 We got Dippin' Dots! I got the Cookies and Cream and it was SO good! 

Friendship bracelets!

We went mini-golfing! This is a photo of the pond there hahaha

Some pretty flowers! Gosh, downtown is so beautiful

This is what I bought! A Wonder Woman tote (shopping bag style)

I got a henna tattoo! It's messy, but I don't care :) (Ignore my big bruise beside it, it's from getting blood drawn)

I got an Instagram account! But I can't change my dumb profile photo. Check it out! I'm @centuarette - I follow back :)

Work has been so stressful and long! I'm glad I get paid this upcoming Friday (company policy idk)! I'm going to treat myself to some makeup and clothes!

Wisconsin Dells! If all goes well, I'll be there August 1-4 (I say "if all goes well" because my aunt is... strange and I'll just leave it at that).


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