Friday, July 12, 2013

Friday Favorites: Summer Essentials!

Work has been so hectic but online shop browsing after a long day of work makes things so much better. Here are this week's Friday Favorites- they're some summer essentials I've been wanting!

Raindrops Keep Falling - Modcloth
120 Palette 4 - Coastal Scents
Rose-Colored Sunglasses - Modcloth
Heartbreaker Sunglasses - Urban Outfitters

I know what you're thinking... how is an umbrella and makeup summer essentials? Well, around here it rains a lot. Plus, I don't have a nice umbrella. As for the palette, look at all those bright colors! I've been wearing so many pastels and brights lately and putting on some fun colors sounds like so much fun! The rose sunglasses are awesome. You'll understand why I want them when I post about my new glasses next week (sorry for the delay!). The heart sunglasses are so cute! I tried on a similar pair (possibly even from the same company) at Pacsun and fell in love!


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