Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Haul + Update

I finally have the long promised "Recent Purchases"/Haul post. Now, I realize that haul's are supposed to be purchased on one specific day or shop, but I still think this is a haul. Everything listed has been purchased within the past two weeks.

This purse! Ugh, I splurged a bit on it but I've received numerous compliments on it and I've only had it for a couple of days! It's very roomy and has 7 (!) pockets! It's not the size of a standard backpack purse, but it's larger than a crossbody purse. I fell in love with it right away and decided to buy it since it was the only one. Plus, it's one of my favorite brands- Betsey Johnson!
Betsey Johnson Purse - Amazon (I didn't buy it here, I bought it for $40)

Haven't even tried these on yet and not sure if I love them (they were a gift), but they are unique and cute!
Pacsun Bullhead Jeans - Pacsun (no longer available)

These were on sale on the Aldo website and they're very cute and match one of the shirts in this haul down below.
Aldo Flats - Aldo

These flats are so soft and the perfect nude color- they match with so many things!
Lucky Brand Flats - Lucky Brand (no longer available in nude)

This top is perfect for work!
H&M top

This top looks great on and is the perfect indigo. You can dress it up or down and would look great with black jeans or a skirt!
Petticoat Alley top

This top was so cute! I've yet to wear it, but it matches so well with the Aldo flats! Plus, I saw Danielle Bradbery (recent winner of The Voice) wear it during one of the last episodes! Pretty cool 
Forever 21 top - Forever 21 (can't find link or not available)

I'm missing a few things because they are either they are in my laundry basket or I am wearing them. I'll be sure to include them in another post!


So, some pretty great things have happened recently. I have a job now! I'm an Office Clerk at a clinic. I'm excited but nervous. My first day was the 1st of July, but today (the 2nd) I have the day off because my phone wasn't set up and my supervisor wouldn't be there. I have work tomorrow, but the office is closed on the 4th and my supervisor gave me the day off on Friday (basically everyone took the day off that day and it would be a dead zone).

I got contacts! I'm wearing them as I type this post. They're a little uncomfortable but that's a given, seeing as I only got them last Thursday.

I got new glasses! They don't have the prescription in them (we forgot the prescription!), but I think I love them more than my cat-eye glasses I've have for 2 years. I won't show a photo of them til I have the prescription, but I will say they are very unique, cute, and a great brand!



  1. I love all the mint pieces you picked up. I've been obsessed with that color!

    Congrats on the job and Happy 4th!