Friday, July 5, 2013

Friday Favorites: The Return!

My apologies for missing like three Friday Favorites- maybe more! I'm back with a few items I've been wanting- definitely will be buying some of my past FF's once I get that first paycheck. It'll be a couple of weeks (company policy), but still!

Lioele Lip Color Stick - eBay
Hello Kitty Neon Pink Handbag - Sanrio
Disney Donald Duck Contact Lens Case - eBay

So I saw a Facebook post of the Lioele LCS and they were so vibrant and glossy! The price isn't too terrible, so I think I'll get one one day! The purse is new on Sanrio and it's gorgeous, right? It's a great size and the colors compliment each other very well. The purse is pretty pricey, but it's beautiful. Maybe I'll splurge? As for the Donald Duck contact lens case- I found it the day after I got contacts and I fell in love! Too bad the case is pricey compared to other one's online and at stores. But I might buy it since I will be wearing contacts more often.


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