Thursday, January 31, 2013

What's In My Bag

I decided to do a "What's In My Bag/Purse" post!  The items really do vary from purse to purse and from day to day. Usually I carry all of the items listed below when I have my larger purses. When I have my Hello Kitty  purse (the one with the bow), I carry A LOT more but it's usually just junk and literally toys, origami, books, chargers, and other things that aren't worth photographing.

When I take the smaller purses, I just take my keys, wallet, phone, headphones, lip gloss, and mirror.

My Melody purse from Sanrio, Hello Kitty with sequin bow purse from Sanrio, heart-shaped Vivienne Westwood purse, woven Aldo purse

Top: Work ID card, various hair accessories, keys
Bottom: Change purse, mint gum, Hello Kitty wallet

My phone with a few phone straps, pink Sony headphones, Nintendo DSi

Clockwise: Dainty Squid pouch, various free Korean makeup samples, tweezers, Revlon Just Bitten Kissable lip stain, Tony Moly mascara, Tony Moly bunny lip gloss, Maybelline Baby Lips, Tony Moly concealer, Hello Kitty macaroon lip gloss 

Others: Eyelash curler, EOS lipbalm, Hello Kitty compact mirror with comb

The items really do vary from day to day, but these are the items that usually stick around. Reviews for most of the beauty products are coming soon. Don't be afraid to ask where I got a certain product!


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  1. Your stuff is sooooo cute and girly!! Do a review on your TonyMoly products. :)