Thursday, January 3, 2013

Mall Haul: Lush and Sanrio

Went to the mall a few days ago and picked up some really nice things from Lush and Sanrio. Sanrio had a sale where all of their handbags, clutches, purses, totes, wallets, etc. were on sale 50% off! That's a good deal if you've ever seen Sanrio prices.

First I went to Sanrio while my mom and sister went to Nordstrom to look at purses *yawn* Little did I know that I'd be buying more purse-related items than they would!

This was $8 dollars I believe. I'm really into My Melody and this has biscuits, sweets, and tea cups all over it! How cute!

I bought this ponytail holder for around $5- it's super adorable and I had to buy one since they weren't available on the Sanrio website.

This was around $5 I think- a cherry scented Hello Kitty macaroon lip gloss? Sold!

Saved the best for last- I splurged on this. It's a clutch that was originally $35 but I bought it for half off. It's so cute, though! It can fit so much and I really want to wear it to a certain someone's wedding paired with flats and a light pink dress (the color of the bow). This isn't available on the Sanrio website either.

Onto Lush... they had a huge sale where their Christmas items were 50% off... but the Lush I went to had sold out of everything except some of the makeup and a soap I thought I would want but smelled and didn't really enjoy. So I bought the two items I'd been wanting (I only bought two items because I'm awaiting two holiday items in the mail from Lush (Ponche and Snow Fairy)).

Whoosh and Fun - Green from Lush. Both smell strongly of lime and lemons (which I love). I will do a separate review another day.


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