Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Lush Package: For Fresh Sakes

When Lush had a BOGO sale on their site after Christmas, I jumped at the chance to order some things for much cheaper. I ordered the 3.3oz bottles of Snow Fairy and Ponche (both Christmas shower gels).
Sorry for the bad quality photos and the hearts- my nails are so ugly today! Need to fix them ASAP!


This smells AMAZING! Just like pink freezie pops!

 Smells like bubblegum and has small specks of glitter. I don't really like the smell of bubblegum :( Hopefully it will grow on me!

 Smells like pure bubblegum! Not my favorite. Hopefully I'll like it when I use it

 This one I'm on the fence about smell-wise. It does smell like my grandma's ponche but with more of a spice and less sweet. I put a little on my skin and it actually smelled a lot better on my skin than on the bottle!

Reviews for these products will come soon. I will post a review for Let the Good Times Roll this week!


  1. Snow Faerie makes a great liquid bubble bath! That's what I use mine for, the scent is more subtle that way since you are iffy on the smell!

  2. That soap looks amazing...such a pretty color!