Thursday, January 2, 2014 Review!

Today I will be reviewing! I received a plush hat and a kigurumi for Christmas. I knew what website my mom bought them from and decided to review the items! Here is what I got:

This was my first kigurumi ever! Keep that in mind! If you don't know, a kigurumi is different than a onesie/footy pajamas. Footy pajamas have, well, feet attacked to them and sometimes a butt flap. Kigurumi's do not have feet on them or a butt flap. The leg parts of the kigurumi go down to the ankle (sometimes above the ankle if you are taller. Kigurumi's are usually one size, unlike footy pajamas. They also are very oversized in the crotch/butt area. Some people might think it looks weird or is uncomfortable or might be difficult to move around in but it's the complete opposite. Also, Kigurumi's are usually character or animal themed and have a hood! They are cuter than footy pajamas, I guarantee that.

Now for the comfort of the kigurumi I bought. The material is thick (apparently thicker than the one my sister got? Mine is an official Sanrio product) and very soft. Where I live it is winter and snowing every day this past week. Point is, it is COLD. Believe me when I say that the my kigurumi kept me SO warm. Personally, it helped me sleep better. Because I was so comfortable in the kigurumi, I slept more soundly and didn't toss and turn because I was cold or uncomfortable in my regular pajamas.

The quality of the kigurumi is off the charts! Not only is the material warm and comfortable, the kigurumi itself is such high quality. The buttons weren't loose and they go securely into the button holes. the lining isn't visible and there is absolutely no itchiness in the pajamas.

I'll keep the info on the hat pretty short since these are pretty widely available, but the hat is great! I wear it when it's really cold out and put my jacket hood over it. It keeps my head and ears really warm and is very soft and cute!

The kigurumi is so cute. Like, beyond cute. From the ears on the hood to the little white tail on the back, this thing is perfect for someone who loves all things cute. Don't think a guy or "tomboy" wouldn't like one- there are so many to choose from! From farm animals to your favorite Disney or Sanrio characters!

I highly recommend you buy from this shop. I know what you're thinking... why are they SO expensive, right? The QUALITY and AVAILABILITY make these things so pricey. They are high quality (as I stated before) and, well, they are pretty hard to come upon in most countries. Most people have to order them online. If you do really want to buy one, I suggest investing in one after saving up some extra cash, buying it with your Christmas or birthday money, or just asking for it for Christmas or your birthday.


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  1. I like the kigurumi of Hello Kitty, is super cute.