Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Rosy's Garden Arpakasso Plush Review


Today I will be reviewing my package from Rosy's Garden. I ordered a Sweet Kids brown (or Chocolate Kun) arpakasso from her Storenvy shop (she also has an eBay shop) on the second of February and it was shipped the next day. I had heard many great things about her shop so I decided to finally buy my first large arpakasso plush.

There were some complications and it took nearly 4 weeks for my package to get to me, when in reality it should have come a bit sooner. I do not blame the shop's owner for this or Hong Kong Post, I believe something went wrong once it got in the hands of the USPS. 

Throughout all of the complications I stayed in contact with the shop owner and she did everything she could to make sure I was a satisfied customer. When my package was in limbo, she offered to send me the exact same plush and goodies with EMS shipping if my package did not turn up. She contacted Hong Kong Post while I contacted USPS through phone and email on the 25th. Finally, on the 26th, my tracking was updated and it was in my state! Unfortunately I missed it that day and had to request for it to be redelivered the next day (27th). Because it is Registered Mail, your package won't be left at your front door and risk being stolen (hey, it happens!).

Here's just a little synopsis with some dates-
Ordered on February 2
Shipped on February 3
Actually left Hong Kong February 13
Contacted seller on February 23 (February 24 for her)
Finally updated tracking on February 26
Missed the package February 26
Scheduled package to redeliver on February 27
Received package February 27

I'm naming him Hirschey! After Alex Hirsch and a chocolate Hershey bar!

It came securely packaged in a box with lots of tape. The plush was in a cute bunny shopping bag with an extra gift taped on the front!

The free gift was a handlebar mustache necklace! Soo cute! The arpakasso was wrapped in another plastic bag.

The arpakasso is so big! It comes with official tags and is very high quality!

The quality of the arpakasso is like that of those super soft throw covers you find at many stores. I hope you know which covers I'm talking about because they are VERY soft and warm, just like this plush! It comes with four tags in total (three on the plastic ring and one attached to the plush itself). The legs of the plush are sturdy yet soft and it can actually stand on its own!

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In all, I definitely recommend Rosy's Garden if you want to purchase from a seller with authentic Arpakasso's and with great customer service!

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